Retirement and Pension Fund Investments Package

Retirement and Pension Fund Investments Package

Our retirement and pension fund investment package is built on our Economic Scenario Generator, which delivers consistent modeling of a broad range of assets and economic risk drivers. Use them to analyze the impact of strategic asset allocations, design journey plans leading to self-sufficiency or buy-out readiness, and investigate the effect of liability-driven investments. Model alternative assets, including hedge funds and private equity funds, and traditional assets, such as equities, debt, and property, and enable stress tests and sensitivity analyses.

Against the backdrop of “New Normal” financial conditions of historic low interest rates, bond yields combined with low property rental yields, and disappointing equity market returns, pension funds are under great pressure. They need to deliver higher returns to meet their increasing liabilities due to the greater longevity of pension scheme members. Investment and Asset management remains a critical consideration as pension funds investments seek to leverage their natural liquidity in order to generate higher returns from longer term investment in new capital assets. The traditional approach of allocating to existing securities markets – which may only result in increasingly inflated prices for existing capital – is increasingly being called into question.

Pension Fund Investment and Risk Management

To achieve the best results and generate sustainable profits for our investors, we implement accurately defined profit-oriented pension funds investment strategies, design and test the effectiveness of hedging and risk mitigation strategies, using a comprehensive array of dynamic rebalancing triggers and derivative instruments, including limited price index (LPI) swaps

We spare no expense in our perpetual drive to understand the impact of adjusting duration or credit exposure, changing the rebalancing strategy, or applying a new hedge to part of the liability risk exposure, in terms of solvency risk metrics or other capital requirements. Improve your investment design, governance, and communication for wealth management, retail investment, and retirement income, including risk-graded and target date funds, guarantees, Commercial Property Price Indices™ (CPPI), and diversified growth.

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